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Ocean Within 

Ocean Within / Thursday / 20.15 / Tanzfabrik Schule 


Photography Gøne Ja at Monopol Berlin

Scanning through internal processes. The moment we follow our inner impulses into outer expressions, a river of digital conversations passes  through our collective system. Our inner ocean tides meet. The Body is the medium Between. This is an evolving performance practice based on my research into Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga, Ballet, Butoh and Contemporary Dance. Butoh comes from a specific place and moment in time (Post Second War Japan) and has evolved through generations of artists and teachers. An individual can reinterpret and create a framework for Butoh’s evolution. Butoh uses the body as a resource for material and movement. It is this very contrast with Ballet and Yoga, which use specific forms and sequences, that we will use to find our own dances of the future. 

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