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Full Moon Rituals 


Every Full Moon of 2021 I facilitated Full Moon Rituals embedded in Berlin.


These rituals draw on my extensive research, performance and teaching experience of Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga, Butoh, and contemporary improvisational modalities. They also draw from my more recent enquires into Astrology and in particular, the Moon cycles.

The workshops are divided into 3 sections...


1. Ashtanga Moon Yoga: Ashtanga & Kundalini Yoga principals that rejuvenated and renew the musculoskeletal, hormonal, nervous & chakra systems


2. Structured Improvisations: drawing on my amalgamation of contemporary dance and Butoh performance experience. 


3. A co-created Full Moon Performance Ritual: in which we find a new organic structure to co-exist and collectively/individually transform with in. This sometimes includes the use of Moon Tarot or Oracle Cards. 

An ongoing theme of this workshop series is refining the expression of feminine and masculine energies in the human body. She sees every body as fundamentally transgender, with the power to transform between a multitude of expressions. 

For more information on how to join future rituals, please make contact through one of her digital channels (links above) or email:

Full Moon Rituals II/II/IV

at PopUp Studio

DJs: Raffaello Donnaloia Me'taraph /Lukas Cane / Samin Son

Photography: L Prowd


Full Moon Rituals XI

at P7 Gallery

Sound: Pablo Diserens 

Photography: Sebastian Runge

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