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About Tsuki 


Pure Energy Shoot with Amanda Fordyce 

Bon Mott at Second Space Projects 

Tsuki trained in classical ballet from the age of five, graduating from The Australian Ballet School in 2008. She has danced with companies and freelance projects in Israel, Melbourne, and Berlin from 2009 to 2016. She is now a Ballet and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and Performance Artist based in Berlin. She taught Butoh/Ocean Within weekly at Tanzfabrik Berlin Schule over 2021 and Yoga & Ballet in 2022. She is now also a regular ballet/yoga teacher at Pro-Stage Berlin. Tsuki creates Full Moon Rituals with emerging DJs & Sound Artists from the local scene in Berlin at various studios and community spaces. 

She has performed her collaborative work in the city's most infamous nightclubs and queer parties, including; Tresor, KitKat Club, Suicide Circus, Night Embassy, Maze Club, and TrashEra at Wilde Renate, KaKe Club, as well as theatres, including; Ackerstadt Palast. She has performed two seasons of 'Body Play' with Chaim Gebber / Open Scene at Pfefferberg Theater which toured to Brazil in October 2021. 

Ballet and Yoga give her and her students rigor and repetition, allowing for a deeper personal research of contemporary dance practice. Butoh uses the body itself as a resource for new material and movement research, finding the dance within, movement in stillness. It is this very contrast with Ballet and Yoga, which uses specific forms and movements, which inspires a physical dialogue between her multi-dimensional practices. 

As a transgendered dance artist with a German Jewish grandmother, Butoh also helps connect with her Ancestral Body and find a dance beyond her formal training in ballet and yoga.

Her latest group work, Skin Between was performed as part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln at Berlin Mondiale (June 2018), at backsteinboot in Spandau (July 2020), had a residency at Trauma Bar und Kino (7 - 20 September) and Tanzfabrik Berlin Schule (2 - 5 November) and was offered as a two-week laboratory from New to Full Moon (22 September - 1 October). In 2021 she has presented her solo and collaborative work at Performing Arts Festival Berlin (Performance Arts Festival Berlin) with live stream technology (26 May). 

The word Tsuki translates as Moon in Japanese. She became Tsuki in September 2017 following eighteen months of depression and mental illness. She became Tsuki on a full moon night, dancing to music with the same title, created by Lyra Pramuk, an experimental, transgendered songstress living in Berlin. The moment this happened, she could see herself, her life, and her body from an outer perspective. She now aims to use this outer perception to bring dark psychological states into visible sculptural forms.

for further information on classes or performances please PM or email : 

Photo Amanda Fordyce / Bon Mott 

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