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EnterOne / All Will Be Revealed... 



Photography Jodie Wong

EnterOne | All Will Be Revealed... is a follow on performance project of "I'm Your Bitch", presented in LS43PROJEKTRUM Gallery in November 2019.


In this one month residency, I facilitated a series of 1 to 1 performances concluding with an open performance in collaboration with visiting dancer/performance artist from Argentina, Dario Mendes Duarte.


The title "I'm Your Bitch" came from a personal question about my identity as a transgendered artist living in Berlin and my need to set strong boundaries in order to create a series of highly sensitive and intimate performance events.


This follow on project, EnterOne | All Will Be Revealed... brings this process into a new moment in history and a new environmental context, from the gallery space, into my bedroom situated almost directly above, as part of my ongoing residency at Scope Berlin.


The idea was born out of necessity as we collectively experience enforced isolation in response to the global Covid–19 pandemic.


New questions about digital information and communication as well as bodily digestion and expression arise as EveryBody attempts to make sense of the chaos and uncertainty of the world around us, changing every day.


Creating a series over May/June 2020 of 1 to 1 performances in my bedroom with live stream technology, I will dance these questions, as well as those posed by visiting bodies in a shared framework experience.


Please contact Tsuki to make a time together. 

EnterOne | All Will Be Revealed... will conclude with an open live stream performance on a date yet to be confirmed.

I am deeply grateful to be using tracks from Pendulum Sea by Hiroko Komiya & Atsushi Takenouchi, . 

Please listen to and enjoy the album for your own transformative experience here.

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Transitions, Transformations, Transcendence.

(Reflective Writing on 'Enter One/All Will Be Revealed')

Enter One/All Will Be Revealed is an attempt at unity in the flow of change and uncertainty.

With each 1:1 performance in my bedroom over Zoom, I accept and release all that has passed, surrender to an unknown future and make moment to moment decisions based

on the magnitude of potentialities in the present while being deeply witnessed by another; my audience.

In this process I aim to change the habitual pathways of movement of my body in relation to itself, to the space around it and the observer.

By exploring, refining and redefining these non-verbal communication processes I make space for personal authentic expression as well as non-personal images, spirits and ancestral bodies. 

I am mostly engaging with three physical processes during Enter One/All Will Be Revealed which have become as organic parts of my daily practice as sleep, breath and the digestion and expulsion of foods and liquids. I see dance itself as an emotional metabolism process which allows our regrets, fears and desires to be fully expressed and processed in the present moment in a way that thinking and speaking alone cannot fulfil.

These three physical focuses are Classical Ballet, Butoh and pedestrian movement.

Classical Ballet, which I have trained in since the age of five (over 15 years) is focused on a formalised sequence of movements that are refined over a career. It is Apollonian in that it utilizes symmetry to express order and clarity. It aims to defy gravity with its high legs, turns, jumps and partner lifts.

Butoh, in which I have been training over the past ten years, has no definitive

training methodology. It is instead, a lineage and philosophy passed down over generations of practice. It adapts to its times and place as a tool for expression. It is Dionysian by nature in that it uses asymmetrical and contorted movement pathways to express the inherent chaos of the psyche of an individual and/or society. It surrenders to and harnesses the power of gravity with falls, earthbound movements and stomping. Butoh is not limited to perceivable body movements but encompasses stillness, imagination and bodily processes such as the flow of blood, movement of breath and firing of neurons.


Butoh uses the body itself as material for expression while Ballet places the body into forms used at the disposal of the choreographer to create a framework or sequence of movements which can be refined and repeated in front of an audience. In ballet, the dancer is replaceable while in Butoh the individuals existence is the dance. 

Lastly, and perhaps the most important of my physical focuses for this project, is pedestrian movement. This consists of daily movements throughout space to care for our own bodies and the bodies around us - walking, dressing, undressing, brushing hair and teeth. Within these daily physical activities lay infinite new possibilities of movement pathways and unlimited potentialities to refine and elevate a given action into artistic expression. 

While each of these three physical focuses are rich in history and possibility for new expression in their own right, in EnterOne/All Will Be Revealed it is the transition from one to the other and/or the merging of one into the other that is the main research of this performance practice.

It is in the in between; the transitions, transformations and transcendence that new

present moments, clusters of experiences, body memories, senses and movements can enter unity; can EnterOne.


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