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Ashtanga Moon Yoga

Ashtanga Moon Yoga draws on the traditional practices of Ashtang and Kundalini Yoga with Tsuki’s diverse classical and contemporary dance training. Ashtanga Yoga (of which Tsuki is a Certified Teacher) is a series of flowing Hatha Postures designed to lengthen, strengthen, and balance the skeletomuscular system. Kundalini, which is also incorporated into class, elevates well-being through a vast variety of breathing practices, known as Pranayama. 

There are four pillars of Ashtanga Moon Yoga available are 

1) Weekly classes
Combination of Ashtanga and Kundalini Practice; an overall complete workout and mental refreshment, intuitively designed for those present at each class.

2) Intensives
Focus on a particular element of the yoga practice, such as; postures / asanas / inversions / breath work.

3) Private classes
Particularly aimed at beginners and people with health conditions / concerns preventing them from attending regular classes, or anyone who wishes to individuate and deepen their practice. Available by appointment. 

4) Workshop Intensives with Workplaces / Community Groups
A recommended series of 8 X 1 hour sessions is advised, but open to negotiation with client.

Please go directly to Remedy Studio Berlin for Registration 

E-mail: for further enquires/bookings.

Image by: L Prowd


Workplace Intensive at Multicultural Arts Victoria

"I had attended one or two Yoga lessons with other teachers in the past, that didn't quite sit with me. I decided three times lucky and I will give the class with Tsuki a go, and now I will never look back. Tsuki's energy is so calm and refreshing. Yoga with Tsuki was really a breath of fresh air, I actually enjoyed it and it helped me both mentally and physically. Tsuki made sure to speak to all students and find out what they wanted to achieve through the class and gave us all equal attention. I hope Tsuki comes back to Melbourne soon!"

Anonymous (employee Multicultural Arts Victoria)

1 to 1 Consultation

"I truly enjoy moving with Tsuki - her private classes are always full of new ideas without being too technical. She has an amazing intuitive approach in terms of what I and my body need, and uses different methods from the Feldenkrais method to body and mind centering in order to cater to those needs. There's always a sensitivity to what she does, it feels effortless and natural, however, it's highly effective and helpful. I always feel like I'd found some kind of secret heal-all treasure with her classes that I can never get enough of. It helps me tremendously with my development as a person, a yoga enthusiast, a runner, a dancer, and so much more."

- Zsuzanna (Private Yoga Student)

"I felt quite refreshed afterwards yesterday, even though the fatigue returned pretty quickly to my limbs, there was a bit of internal space that eased the experience. I'm definitely open to ways of taking this further. Also it was lovely to see you, so bright and with such good energy. Thank you for sharing the light with me. 

Really though, I needed a guide to help me allow expressive movement into my body again. And in your connecting with my limbs and neck I was able to notice tension that I hadn't been aware of before in many years of trying different forms of yoga and meditation."  

- Wendy (Private Yoga Student)

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