I'm Your Bitch


 'I'm Your Bitch' at LS43Projektraum Dec 2019 / Photo Bianka Fucsko

In this solo development I aim to expose, play with, and rearrange the power struggles that exist in my own body. These are struggles between perceived and felt genders, between diverse physical trainings, and layers of cultural influences with ancestral threads.


How do these struggles surface and make art in a capitalist patriarchy among competing individual voices yearning to be heard? Even before I step foot in the studio or on the stage a series of social dialogues must play out to determine if I am or am not given space to transform my struggle into art.


There are so many codes of conduct and ways to behave which allow artistic voices to be heard or not. I begin to wonder, if this inner struggle is so big that I must become a ‘Bitch’ in order to receive my place in society? What is a ‘Bitch’? Although it can have negative connotations I feel it is a word that has been reclaimed by many womyn, similar to the ways ‘Faggot’ and ‘Nigger’ have been reclaimed by homosexuals and people of color to connect with each other and confront the ways these words have been used to keep people in their place. By making fun of ourselves as outsiders we invert the pain inflicted on us into humor, which is the greatest weapon we have to challenge power structures in all their forms.


I have identified as transgender for the past two years. This has been a deep and personal healing process as well as a continual exploration between creativity and receptivity. The very act of dancing is a trance like state which is, in its very essence, transgender, two-spirit, in-between.


I trained in classical ballet since the age of five; graduating from the Australian Ballet School at eighteen. Ballet culture is intrinsically imperial and gender diversionary. I was never given a choice of how to express my body and, as it was perceived male, strict rules and restrictions were placed upon it during most of my developing years. Since graduating, I have been deeply immersed in somatic practices and Butoh which, through sensation and imagery, have brought me closer to the core of my bodily expression.


I was born in Australia, on the stolen land of the Aboriginal people, with German/Russian Jewish origins. As with every body, where my body exists and expresses itself is highly political. Having lived for two years in Berlin, the birthplace of my grandmother, I am beginning to shed the layers society has imposed on this body and breath from a much deeper place.


From December 2019 I had a residency at Projektraum LS43 in Moabit for the first development of ‘I’m Your Bitch’. I facilitated a series of 1 to 1 performances which allowed me to expose the intricacies, intimacy and power dynamics inherent in all social relationships. From these twelve performances a structure emerged and was shared as an open performance in collaboration with Live Set by Lukas Cane.

The next performance of 'I'm Your Bitch' was at TrashEra NYE Party with Lukas Cane / Organised by Geovane Pedro De Bortoli.



 'I'm Your Bitch' at LS43Projektraum Dec 2019 / Photos Bianka Fucsko and Tamae Yoneda