About Tsuki Dance Reality  


Tsuki Dance Reality is a collaborative multicultural and multidisciplinary dance sphere based in Berlin; expanding from queer, nightclub, virtual, and everyday spaces of communication. It looks to create dancescapes which ARE something rather than ABOUT something, with an ongoing research into new formats, perceptions and audiences.  


As a TRANSgendered and TRANScultural Dance Reality, we are dedicated to everybody's ability and right to expression and TRANSformation.

Tsuki Dance Reality was founded from Tsuki's extensive experience in Ballet, Butoh, and Yoga, with a hungry curiosity for new physical research as well as contemporary TRANScultural practices.

Finding new synergies between art, performance, entertainment, therapy and ritual, we perform in curated events and festivals, as well as self produced projects in theatres, night clubs, and public spaces.

Tsuki Dance Reality works with international independent artists, guiding new collaborative processes, which aim to reveal what is already present.

Pure Energy Shoot with Amanda Fordyce 

About Tsuki 

Tsuki trained in classical ballet from age five, graduating from Australian Ballet School in 2008. She has danced with companies and freelance projects in Israel, Melbourne and Berlin from 2009 - present.

She is now a Ballet and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and Performance Artist based in Berlin. She teaches her practice of Ashtanga Moon Yoga in her flat, with community groups, and live stream. She regularly performs solo and collaborative performance projects influenced by her multidisciplinary training. 

She has performed her collaborative work in Berlins most infamous night clubs and queer parties including; Tresor, KitKat Club, Suicide Cirucus, Night Embassy, Maze Club, TrashEra at Wilde Renate and Else Club, KaKe Club, as well as Theatres venues such as Ackerstadt Palast Theatre, with Amalgam Solo Festival. She has performed two seasons of 'Body Play' with Chaim Gebber Open Scene at Pfefferberg Theater and is currently rehearsing with them on M.O.S.T (My Ongoing Silent Transcendence). She performed over July, to October in Overmorrow at Wilde Renate in collaboration with Leisa Prowd, Valerie Renay and Ana Bathe.  

Ballet and Yoga give her and her students rigor and repetition, allowing for a deeper personal research of contemporary dance practice. She also has over 10 years of Butoh training and performance experience. Butoh uses the body itself as a resource for new material and movement research, finding the dance within, movement in stillness. It is this very contrast with Ballet and Yoga, which uses specific forms and movements, which inspires a physical dialogue between her practices.

She is presently developing 'Skin Between', a performance and workshop process emerging from the collective isolation of Covid-19 Pandemic, with the aim to uncover a deeper listening to and expression of our individual bodies in a performative context. 

'Skin Between' has been performed at Backsteinboot Artist Collective in Spandau (July 2020), had a residency at Trauma Bar und Kino (7 - 20 September) and Tanzfabrik (2 - 5 November) and has been offered as a two week laboratory from new to full moon (22 September - 1 October) at various community spaces in Berlin. 

She performs a solo/collaborative performance ritual every new moon at Backsteinboot in Spandau, and a group workshop performance ritual every full moon at PopUp Studio in Charlottenburg.


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